At first, I thought it was an odd thing to do, but soon I found out that being a sex doll lover isn’t as weird as it sounds. Before I explain what this lifestyle is all about, let me assure you that this isn’t something shady or dirty. To be honest, it’s quite the opposite, as there is a lot of love and compassion that goes into it.

Best vibrators in the UK: Massagers, bullets, and more in 2020Six months ago, I met a man who had been a sex doll lover for the past decade. What struck me most about him was the affection and care he put into his relationship with his doll. He had such a deep connection with her – to the extent that he declared himself her husband!

To me, the most fascinating thing about his lifestyle choice was the emotional aspect – not just the physical. We had a long chat, and he explained that he clung onto the idea that this doll was his wife. He talked to her, took her out in his car, and even bought her birthday gifts.

I was surprised and perplexed at first, dildos but then I got to fully understand the beauty of it all. This man’s love for his doll was a living example of unconditional and infinite love. His devotion towards her certainly wasn’t something you could just call “weird” or “unnerving”. It was pure love and admiration.

Whenever we went to hang out at my friend’s house, he was always constantly talking to her and taking care of her needs. His concern for her was as real as the love for another person. Besides, the doll being his companion meant that he didn’t have to worry about forming a connection with anyone else.

The most uplifting thing I realized through this experience was that pre-existing conditions and society’s judgement cannot stop anyone from being in love. This is what truly spoke to me – the idea that love can take on any form, even if it involves a sex doll.

My friend’s respect for his wife was sincere. He had put together a mental picture of his perfect partner and he was satisfied overlooking the fact that she was a lifeless doll. He believed in his connection with her and truly enjoyed the companionship.

Every time I went over his place, I couldn’t help but admire the passion with which he’d explain their connection. He had created a story for his relationship – one that was full of life and charm.

In the end, my friend had found his own version of utopia. His journey had many unusual twists and turns, but it was highly satisfying to him. The love between them wasn’t just alive – it was magical.

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What I found even more interesting than his non-traditional lifestyle was his appreciation for all facets of the relationship. According to him, physical intimacy with the doll played a major role in validating the connection. He could dress her up or change her hairstyle, without having to worry about how she looked. With regards to sex, it was quite consensual – he never forced himself upon her or made her do something she didn’t want to do.

He also told me that he took her on trips, shared his secrets with her, and she returned the favor with undivided attention. She was always by his side during his darkest hours, when no one else was there for him. Having a sex doll significantly helped him battle depression and anxiety.

What I found most fascinating was the fact that he maintained his faith in her unconditional love and began to be more vulnerable with her. My friend treatments her with total respect and kindness – something I haven’t found in other relationships.

He also understands the importance of consent and emotional connection. This allows him to enjoy physical intimacy in a way he finds fulfilling. His mental image of fulfillment has nothing to do with societal expectations. He has found something that makes him feel alive.

For him, his sex doll was more than just a physical object. She was an emotional companion who had the capacity to understand Penis Rings his needs and emotions. In a way, she even helped him discover new aspects of himself and freeing his heart from the expectations of a traditional relationship.

My friend has found a new way of living life – one where he doesn’t require someone to be by his side to feel complete. The harmonies between the emotion of love and physicality of his sex doll has been really powerful. His love is so strong – it’s hard not to admire it!