do girls like their boyfriend with sex toys

Wow, so I was on the phone with my bestie, casually chatting about our day when she unprofessionally blasts out the question,”Do girls like their boyfriends using sex toys?” Well I about had a heart attack there. I wasn’t expecting anything like that coming out her mouth! Gosh, it’s so awkward, but at the same time so interesting.

It’s definitely a hard question cause I don’t think there’s an exact answer. Like in my case, I’m kinda on the fence. I mean, it all depends on what your relationship is like and if the girl is open-minded. To add to that, there are a variety of different sex toys out there, so depending on what they are and how it’s used can change my opinion too.

One thing’s for sure though, if the couple is in it for the long haul, communication has got to be the key factor when it comes to having an understanding about sex toys. It’s all about being open about what kind of intimate experience each of them are looking for and what they’re comfortable with. You can’t really have one person coming up with a decision without first talking to the other and at least getting their opinion or feedback. That’s the only way to sort through it and make sure that neither part is completely left out.

At the end of the day, everyone’s relationship is defined differently. So there gotta be mutual respect and understanding for each other’s opinions. Without that, it’s gonna be too hard handle the situation and if anything else, vibrators hopefully everything goes smoothly. I’m sure many people have experienced an uncomfortable talk with their partners just because sex toy came up out of nowhere and that’s why its gotta be talks about before any of it happen.

One thing I do know is like I mentioned, not all sex toys are created equal either. Some are really out there and you could risk it not going over too well with someone’s if it isn’t properly talked about beforehand. For instance, things that vibrate or look real-life like. Those are the kind of toys you gotta be careful with. I mean, not everyone is open to diving into their wildest fantasies to the fullest, ya know?

Finally, I figure if your friend understand that it’s about exploring and indulging in something fun and Penis Rings exciting together, then it could easily make the whole thing a lot much more exciting. It’s like trust and respect is the foundation to make it enjoyable for both parties involved. Especially if you’re going through the motions of finding the right toy and working together to create the best pleasure possible!