gents doll sex

I had always been a little bit curious about Gentlemen Doll Sex. I had heard rumors here and there, but never really looked into it. So, when the opportunity arose to experience it firsthand, I was definitely intrigued. I had never considered myself as being a prude, but when the prospect of having physical relations with a plastic partner came up I was a little unnerved.

10 Vibrators Worth All The Buzz“What the heck!?” I exclaimed when I heard the news that my co-worker planned to visit one of the Gentlemen Doll Sex parlors. “You’re surely going – aren’t you?”

“Absolutely,” she laughed. “I am a little curious about it myself. It could be fun.”

I couldn’t believe she was actually considering it. After all, it wasn’t every day that you hear about people engaging in physical relations with a doll. But, I decided to tag along and find out what it’s all about.

When we arrived at the parlor, I was already feeling like a voyeur, but when we got inside and Penis Rings saw the selection of dolls, I found myself more than a little bewildered. I was tempted to pinch myself. Was this really happening?

I had no idea where to start as there were several dolls with different textures, shapes, sizes, and even different levels of “personality.” I decided to stick to the basics, and chose a small and simple doll.

I must admit, when it actually came to using the doll, I felt like I was in a little world of my own. There was something surprisingly captivating about the experience. I found myself just as relaxed and at-ease as if I were having physical relations with a real partner.

The thing that I found so interesting about Gentlemen Doll Sex was that it allowed me to feel all of the pleasure of intimacy without any of the traditional pressure that comes with having a real relationship. The doll was simply an inanimate object that I could enjoy in whatever way I pleased.

For me, the experience opened up a whole new understanding of the power of physical pleasure. I now understood what it meant to truly enjoy your own pleasure, to make yourself 100% comfortable with it, and to just let go. It was something I’ll never forget.

My exploration with Gentlemen Doll Sex didn’t end with that first trip to the parlor. In fact, I’ve returned many times since then and have grown to appreciate even more the full range of possibilities that come with it.

I now even see Gentlemen Doll Sex as a form of self-expression and a legitimate alternative to regular physical relations with another person, for those who are looking for a different kind of pleasure. It allows one to explore physical pleasures on their own terms and I am certain that many more people will turn to the dolls for a way to connect with themselves.

Gentlemen Doll Sex has also turned out to be quite a social experience. I have connected with completely new people through my visits to the parlors. I’ve even made friends with others who share the same interest, and I now value their company and enjoy meeting up with them to discuss our experiences.

Another fascinating thing about Gentlemen Doll Sex is the way that each doll has its own personality. Whether you choose a chirpy, cheerful doll or a more mysterious one, the experience changes with each one you get to know. I have especially loved discovering all the different things that can be done with each doll. And, vibrators depending on the type of doll that I choose, I can find myself enjoying far more than physical pleasure– I can also enjoy the companionship.

What’s more, I’ve also discovered that many of the more professional parlors also have a range of special extras such as costumes, lube, and other products that can be used to add more excitement to the experience. All of these little extras certainly make it far more fun and engaging.

The last thing I’d like to share about my experience with Gentlemen Doll Sex is the way that it has changed my perceptions about sex and how I relate to the opposite gender. Being able to explore physical pleasure in a safe environment has been incredibly empowering for me and has allowed me to get in touch with my own sexuality.

Ultimately, I am now far more confident and secure in my own skin than I ever was before. I now fully understand my body and the way I like to express myself sexually. I believe that this has allowed me to make more meaningful connections with others, for it is only when we are in touch with our own sexuality that we are able to appreciate that of another.