has anyone ever bought you a sex toy

A while back I got a bit of a shock. Someone I’m close to decided to get me a, um, sex toy. I’m not going to lie, at first I was kind of taken aback. What on Earth was I supposed to do with this thing?! Not to mention how awkward it was accepting it in the first place.

It’s not like they had just bought me a massager or something that could pass as a ‘normal’ gift. This was a full on, battery operated, buzzing situation. No denying what it was! But I was really touched by their thoughtfulness. Despite feeling a bit weird and uncomfortable at the time, I can now laugh about it.

It’s funny how it took a gift like this to show me that being open-minded and a little daring can be a lot of fun. By embracing the unconventional, I ended up learning a thing or two from the experience. Even in the most uncomfortable moments, it can be worth really pushing through and seeing where it takes you.

That said, I’m still a bit of a beginner when it comes to sex toys. Don’t take me too seriously! But I’m becoming more interested in experimenting and trying new things as the years go on. There’s no doubt that this thoughtful present was the start of it all.

Plus, I’m glad I got it from someone I know and trust. Buying these types of items online feels kind of difficult. It seemed like a lot better idea to have a friend help me out.

I now currently have two different type of toys that I use with my partner. One is rechargeable and offers a range of levels that we can choose from. We use it for either foreplay or when we want to try something new in the bedroom. The other is a small vibrator that I like to use when I’m alone.

It can be fun to mix up traditional forms of foreplay with sex toys every once in a while. We recently did a body massage using some warming lube – and then turned it up a notch with some vibrators and cock Penis Rings. It was an amazing experience, not to mention the perfect way to really get to know each other’s bodies and pleasure points.

I’m always looking for ways to get creative when it comes to the bedroom. Trying new positions, sexy lingerie, or toys can all be great additions to make our love life more interesting and fun.

On the other hand, I don’t think sex toys are a necessity for a healthy, fulfilling sex life. Sure, they can add something extra… but as long as the basics are taken care of, Penis Rings sometimes the simplest pleasures can be enough.

Of course, it’s totally up to the individuals to decide what to invest in and what to do. But if someone ever gives me a sex toy again, I’d be more than happy to accept it and give it a try!