how should you clean sex toys

Oh my goodness, you gotta know how to clean your sex toys properly! Cleaning sex toys is incredibly important. Not only are you protecting yourself and your partners from possible infections, but you’re also extending the life of your toys. I believe there are a few key steps that will make sure you do it the right way.

First, you want to give the sex toy a cleansing scrub. Use a mild soap and water (or a sex toy cleaner) and make sure you get every nook and cranny of the toy. Then, make sure you rinse the toy off thoroughly so that no soap residue remains.

Next, you gotta dry it. Don’t just let it air dry! Use a lint-free cloth or a paper towel. There may be surfaces of the toy that are tricky to clean and dry at the same time, so don’t be afraid to use a toothpick or sex toys cotton swab to get into those hard to reach places.

Third, once dry, you want to dust a bit of light, unscented baby powder onto the toy. This will prevent any moisture or stickiness from accumulating.

Fourth, you might want to store your sex toy in a tote, bag or container. Don’t just put it back in the drawer! Think of it like you would a kitchen utensil—it might still be dirty! You don’t want to keep it in any humid places either, so consider a cool, dry spot.

And finally, if you’re sharing a toy with a partner, always use a condom over the toy. This will help prevent the spread of any infection.

You may have heard that you can just throw sex toys in the dishwasher to clean them, but honestly, I don’t think that’s a great idea. All that hot water and high heat has the potential to warp or damage the toy. So I suggest you stay away from the dishwasher and go with the mild soap and water method.

In addition, you’re likely to come across two types of materials when handling sex toys: silicon and plastic. Your silicon toys will be safe in water up to about 140-degrees Fahrenheit. However, plastics can easily warp or become deformed with HOT water, so it’s best to just stick with a mild soap and cold water when cleaning those types.

Now, when it comes to heavy-duty cleaning, boiling your sex toys is one of the surest ways to make sure they’re clean. And I’m not just talking about boiling the toy to clean it, but also sterilizing it. This is especially important if you’re sharing the toy with multiple partners. Once boiling, leave the toy in the hot water for two or three minutes and then run it under cold water so that it won’t get too hot to touch.

Something you should also be aware of is that some sex toys can’t be boiled because the heat will damage them. Flexible sex toys usually shouldn’t be boiled due to the possibility of melting or warping. So, if you’ve got a sex toy made of a plastic, latex, or TPE material, you’ll want to steer clear of the boiling water.

Also, if the sex toy has electrical components, such a vibrator, you’ll need to be extra careful as you don’t want to get the battery or other parts wet. I suggest using a damp cloth attached to a toothbrush to gently brush the toy to remove any dirt, then use the mild soap and water method to clean any residue.

So to recap, if you’re dealing with silicon toys or vibrators with no electric parts, boiling is your best bet. But be aware of the limitations based on the type of material and make sure you don’t keep it in boiling water for too long. Otherwise, a mild soap and water, and a quick scrub with a cloth or toothbrush should do the trick.

Speaking of scrubbing, you also want to make sure you check your sex toy for any accumulation of dust or particles. Anything that looks like it could be stuck on the surface of the toy might be hard to get rid of and can cause bacteria growth in between cleanings.

Finally, to make sure that your toys last for a long time, it’s best if you give them a good rubdown with a lubricant each time you use them. Silicone lube is often a great choice for sex toys as its longer lasting and will provide a smooth glide for your toy. What’s more, it’s always best to use something specifically designed for sex toys and not your regular household lube.

So there you have it! Taking good care of your sex toys is not only essential for hygiene, it’ll make sure that they provide pleasure for a longer period of time.

Another four sections:

One thing you want to make sure you pay attention to is how you dry off your sex toys. Towels that contain lint or that aren’t lint free can leave unwanted residue and debris on the toy, so you want to make sure you use a safe and proper cloth or paper towel. You may also need to invest in some cotton swabs or toothpicks to help dry the harder-to-reach spots.

Having a dedicated storage space for all your sex toys is also important. Think of it as a little “tool box” for your sexual pleasure! Store it in an area that’s cool, dry and out of direct sunlight. If it’s a shared toy, it’s always best to keep it in a sealed bag or container. That way, it’s always going to be ready-to-go when it comes time to use it.

When you’re cleaning, always make sure you give the toy a good look over first. The material of the toy will determine what kind of cleaning it needs, so be sure to read the instructions and simplify the cleaning process accordingly. In addition, check carefully for any dirt or grime that may have accumulated between uses because these can harbour bacteria and cause infections.

Next, it’s always best to wash your sex toys with a mild soap and warm (but not hot) water. Hot water can also cause damage to the surface of the toy, so it’s best to stick with a cool temperature that’s safe for both the toy and your skin. And I would recommend lightly scrubbing the toy, too. Any hard-to-reach areas can be attended to with a clean toothbrush if needed.

When it comes to disinfecting, there are a few methods you can use, depending on the toys’ material. Disinfectant sprays can do the trick for non-porous surfaces, but you can also make a suitable solution at home by mixing equal parts water and vinegar or rubbing alcohol. You can use either solution on any kind of toy, but it’s always best to test it first on a small area.

If you have a sex toy made from silicon or a more solid material, boiling is also an option. This method is actually pretty effective against bacteria and viruses, but it can also damage the toy if you’re not careful. Two or three minutes is usually enough time to make sure everything is sufficiently sterilized without causing any harm to the toy.

If you happen to have a toy with electric components, like a vibrator, you need to be extra careful. Water and electricity don’t mix, after all! If that’s the case, you’ll want to give the toy a gentle clean with a damp cloth and a toothbrush. Keep the battery compartment and electronic parts dry and never submerge them in water or else you could cause some serious damage.

Finally, don’t be afraid to use a lubricant when you’re pleasuring yourself with your sex toy. A good lube will make the experience much more enjoyable and also make sure that your toy lasts longer. Silicone lube is often a great option because it’s longer lasting and won’t damage the material. Make sure you find something specific for sex toys, though — regular household lube is not suitable.

Maintaining sex toys is important, not just for hygiene but also for optimal pleasure. After all, who wants to use a dirty toy for their time of pleasure? Following the tips above should ensure that you and your partners remain safe and have the best possible experience. Enjoy!