My friend recently told me that she wanted to buy a sex toy. I was surprised because she’d never expressed an interest in them before and I wondered why she wanted one all of a sudden. She said she was curious about exploring different options in the bedroom with her partner, so she wanted to try something new.

I was so relieved when she opened up and talked to me about it. It can be difficult to bring up such a sensitive topic, especially with someone you’re not super close with. After she said that, I was filled with glee knowing that she felt comfortable enough to come to me with something like this.

That’s when I knew I had to help her out. I’ve got loads of experience with sex toys, so I figured I could share some tips with her on how best to go about getting one. We spent the next hour or so talking about options, prices, varieties, and more. Here’s what I told her.

First, I said she should talk to her partner about it first. I get that it can be hard to bring up the subject, but it’s important to make sure your partner is on the same page as you about bringing a sex toy into the bedroom. That way, it’s not awkward or uncomfortable.

Second, do your research. There are so many different kinds of toys on the market, so I said she should take her time to figure out which one will bring the most pleasure. That means doing some research and reading some reviews if she can.

Third, set a budget. There are loads of different price points, so she should take some time to decide how much she wants to spend on a sex toy.

Fourth, shop around. I recommended checking out different stores before she decides which one to purchase from – some stores may have better deals than others.

Fifth, find the best fit. I said she should take into account her own body size and shape, plus any physical discomfort she might have with the sex toy, before deciding which one to get. That way, she won’t be disappointed and the pleasure will last much longer.

Finally, ask questions. If she needs help with understanding products, looking at options, or even discussing her own wants and needs, I suggested she look for customer service reps at the store who can provide her with the needed information and assistance.

After giving her a few pointers, I asked her if she had any goals for using her new sex toy. She had a few ideas but she also said she was open to exploring whatever comes up. I was really happy to hear that she was open-minded and willing to try something new.

Now that we had covered the basics, I decided to dive a little deeper into the topic. I asked her if she was familiar with what to look for when shopping for a sex toy. Most people don’t really know, so I wanted to make sure she was informed. I told her to look for materials that are safe and non-porous, such as silicone, glass, or metal. It’s also important to consider the size and shape of the toy, as well as if there’s a warranty or return policy. If she can find a toy that checks all the boxes, she’ll be one happy customer!

Next, I suggested she ask herself what kind of pleasure she’s looking for. Is she looking for vibrators internal, external, or a combination of both? Different sex toys provide different kinds of pleasure, so it’s important to consider what kind she’s looking for before making a purchase.

Then I advised her to think about what kind of vibe she wants from the toy. Is she looking for something with intense sensations, or something that’s more gentle and sensual? Is she looking for something to use with a partner, or is she looking for something more solo and intimate? Taking into account these three main categories will help her narrow down her options and make a more informed choice.

Lastly, I suggested she give herself permission to expect a good sexual experience with the toy. No matter what kind of pleasure she’s looking for, she deserves to experience pleasure from a sex toy that fits her needs. There’s nothing wrong with that!

We had a great talk that night and I was so proud of my friend for taking the step to explore her own sexuality. She still hasn’t asked her partner yet, but I’m confident that she’ll be able to buy her own sex toy soon.

Now that she’s got a set of tips and tricks on how to ask for a sex toy, I went on to talk to her about benefits of owning a sex toy. There’s something really empowering about owning your own sex toy. Not only are you in control of your pleasure and getting exactly what you want, but it can also be really liberating for many people to explore their bodies and express their desires in a safe and sexy way.

I then introduced her to the world of accessories. Accessories can add a lot of fun and excitement to exploring with sex toys. She should consider trying out different types of lubricants, accessories such as cock Penis Rings, and even body oils and massage candles. These can be great additions to a sex toy and help to create a more enjoyable experience.

I then went on to explain how sex toys can be an important part of sexual wellness. Owning one can open the door to deeper connection and exploration with yourself and a partner. It can also help break down any mental or emotional barriers that may have been preventing one from partaking in enjoyable experiences.

Finally, I suggested she think about investing in some sex education. This is a great way to learn more about sex toys, the different types available, and what kind of pleasure can be obtained from them. Taking some time to learn about sex toys can help her have a more enjoyable experience with them.

As a final tip, I told my friend to always remember to have fun with it! If the experience isn’t enjoyable, then why bother? Life is too short not to enjoy every pleasure-filled moment.