how to get your wife to use sex toys

Sex toys have been around for many years, and I’m sure that like many other couples, my wife and I have been curious about trying them out together. We’ve been married for over 10 years, so I was a little hesitant about proposing the idea to her because I wasn’t sure how she would react. I decided to approach the subject in a gentle way, and I started by asking her if she’d ever heard of sex toys.

Thankfully, she hadn’t. This made it easier for me to explain that sex toys can be used to ‘spice up’ our love life. I was careful not to make it sound like our relationship wasn’t satisfying enough without the toys, so I focused on how the toys could add even more excitement. I pointed out that since the toys could both be used by both of us, it could bring us even closer together.

I could tell she was still a bit hesitant, so I pulled out my ace card. I described how our bodies change as we get older, so the toys could help keep the spark alive as our bodies age. I joked that we wouldn’t want each other to become bored with us. This made her laugh, and the ice was broken. I could tell she was interested, so I promised to do some research on the types of toys available.

After researching online, it seemed that finding a toy that both of us liked would be easy. We both focused on finding something that we both would be comfortable with and at the same time had enough features to keep it interesting. We eventually chose a vibrator dildos that had multiple speeds, so that we could start out slowly and build up the intensity.

The next challenge was getting used to using the toy. We both agreed to take it slow at first and to experiment with different ways of using it. I found that talking about it beforehand helped, since it lowered our tension and let us express our concerns. I was also surprised by how much fun we had testing different techniques together.

Speaking of techniques, I soon found out that different toys require different positions. I experimented with some positions that I had seen in videos and others that were recommended by friends. It turned out that these positions made using the toy much more pleasurable for both of us.

We also made sure to keep the toy clean and use lube whenever necessary. This was pretty straightforward, but it was nice to know that the toy itself was non-toxic and easy to clean. This gave us the peace of mind that if anything ever went wrong, we could handle it without any problems.

Once we got the hang of using the toy, our sex life was transformed! We had more energy, more fun, and found ourselves exploring new activities and trying out new positions that we had never even imagined before. It felt great to be able to experience new excitement in the bedroom.

We also discovered that we weren’t limited to using the toy for just solo play. We found that we could incorporate it into our regular lovemaking in many creative ways. Sometimes it was a great way to start things off, while at other times it made for a great way to finish. Either way, it was always a great way to spice things up.

One thing I found very helpful was talking to other couples who used sex toys. I found out that just like us, they also had their own experiences, tips and tricks that they could share. This gave me a lot of insight into what other couples liked and what they found to be most successful.

Another way we approached this was by slowly introducing different elements. Starting out with something small can be a great way to get things moving. After getting used to the idea and becoming more comfortable, we could then take it to the next level. This way, we gradually expanded our horizons, instead of jumping into something that we weren’t sure about right away.

Lastly, we kept things lighthearted and fun. We joked around with each other during our sessions, and we also talked about other topics before and after play time. This helped us keep a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere no matter what we were exploring.

By using all these tips, we were able to make the process of integrating sex toys into our relationship a very enjoyable experience. I was really happy that we made this decision to do so, and I’m sure that the same could be true for you and your wife.