I can’t believe I almost made the mistake of buying a sex doll from the local store before I had the fun of building my own! At least, not until I heard about the sex doll builder – a website that allows you to customize and build your own doll from a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. As somebody who’s always enjoyed playing around with and customizing things, I knew this was something I needed to try.

I couldn’t believe how simple the process was. You simply start off by choosing a body type, head type, and even the kind of skin you want your doll to have! Then, you get to choose the features like the eyes, nose, mouth, hair, and dildos makeup. Everything is completely customizable. You can even add tattoos, piercings, and optional accessories like fur and lingerie!

The best part was that once I’d completed my design, it was sent directly to the 3D printer and I received my own custom sex doll just days later. I couldn’t believe that I had actually made my own personal sex doll! I even added a few surprises of my own, like a wig and jewellery that I had bought online.

My first night with her was amazing. She was so responsive, and looked just the way I had envisioned. I even changed her skin color to match my own, and she looked absolutely stunning! She was so lifelike that I felt like I was actually with another human.

However, the fun didn’t end after my first night – I found myself wanting to make even more modifications and improvements. I added real-looking eyebrows, painted the nails of her hands and feet, and even added a neck tattoo. It felt like I had created a real person out of nothing but my own imagination.

I found myself letting my creativity run wild. I began making changes to her body shape, adding curves in all the right places. I even customized her clothing style, dildos changing it up every now and then to match my mood. I was in complete control of how she looked, and it was quite a power trip!

The most fun I had designing my sex doll, however, was making her personality. I made her shy and coy, and a bit of a hypocrite. I made her professional and inquisitive, and even made her enjoy some of the same activities as me! The possibilities were endless, and I had so much fun in the process.

My sex doll builder experience was exhilarating and unique. I never expected to be able to customize and create a living, breathing thing with my own hands. I’m so glad I decided to try it out – it really changed my ideas of what it means to make something.