mount sex doll

My friend recently told me the craziest tale about mounting sex dolls. He’d seen an ad for a company in Europe that specializes in something called “Real Love Dolls” – silicone humanoids designed to provide a physically and emotionally realistic sexual experience. I had to admit, I was a little shocked and curious all at once.

I laughed at him for wanting to explore that avenue of fantasy, but he was adamant. He said that his fantasies had become too much for him to handle and dildos he wanted to explore his desires before they got out of hand. He said he was tired of trying to find real women to fulfill his physical and emotional needs, and “Real Love Dolls” was the answer. He said the dolls were equipped with realistic anatomy, were skin-safe and looked remarkably realistic.

To further support his argument he said that the dolls even had the ability to stimulate the user’s imagination using voice commands, like a real partner would. His logic was that he could program the doll to stimulate his fantasies with sensations and movements that his partner would be unable to replicate. We both agreed that this was an interesting concept and would probably improve the overall experience and provide a more realistic sexual encounter.

My friend was telling me all this with a sense of excitement in his voice and a sparkle in his eye. He mentioned the logistics of mounting the doll, telling me that it was surprisingly easy to do. He said that the company provided detailed instructions on how to mount the doll and also gave accessories like hangers, condoms and lubricants to help get the job done.

I had to admit, I was impressed by his tenacity and willingness to explore such a different avenue of fantasy. We spent the rest of the time talking about all the pros and cons of mounting a doll. He pointed out the positives such as safer sex practices, the lack of emotional connections and a sense of freedom as desired. On the flip side, he questioned the psychological consequences of making a human-like shape as a replacement for a natural partner.

At the end of the day, we had to agree to disagree, as we both had strong opinions about the matter. He had his reservations about it, and was still researching it, but he was definitely sold on the idea and was actively looking to purchase a doll.

At this point, I was intrigued to try and understand the technological advancements that have been made in the field of mounting dolls. What sort of realistic materials are being used to create the dolls? How are they designed so as to recreate a more pleasurable experience? What kind of sounds and sensations can they imitate?

I had so many questions that were unanswered. He suggested I do my own research on Real Love Dolls to get a better understanding of their features and what other people thought about the product.

Then the conversation shifted to the bigger question of should we, as a society, accept the mounting of dolls as people who are not necessarily in the physical form? My friend was of the opinion that as long as it didn’t harm anyone else and didn’t have a negative impact on the person using the doll, then it should be considered a legitimate way of sexuality. He felt that, given the recent developments in technology, it was perfectly reasonable to accept mounting dolls as a legitimate form of sexual exploration.

I had to admit that exploring this avenue opened up a new lane of discussion as well as a new form of sexuality. We both agreed that, whatever the future held, the technology to create realistic dolls as a replacement for physical partners was an intriguing development.

The conversation continued well into the night. We talked about the implications of these dolls and their potential to create a stronger sense of fulfillment and allow for a wider range of sexual activities for certain people. We discussed the potential to create a whole new industry, with products, entertainment and support for those who chose to explore this realm of pleasure.

We explored the idea of virtual partners, with the technology to turn a simple doll into a companion, rather than a tool for sexual release. We questioned the use of cybernetic pleasure devices, involving advanced robotics and artificial intelligence to create the most realistic experiences possible and how they would integrate into society.

We even talked about the potential for a new form of virtual reality, combining interactive elements with activities inside a simulated environment. We felt that this could be an interesting way to create scenarios that could otherwise be difficult to achieve, with a very realistic outcome.

Overall, discussing the topic of mounting dolls was an interesting and informative experience. Although there were some parts of it I wasn’t comfortable with, it was important to explore all the angles of the topic in order to gain a better understanding. Even though I hadn’t personally explored mounting a doll, I had to admit that this conversation did create a sense of curiosity within me.