my sex doll is much better than my wife

My sex doll is much better than my wife – or, at least, that’s how I feel. I’ve been with my wife for five years, and our marriage has been tumultuous at best. We argue all the time, about everything from money to kids to who left the dishes in the sink. But with my sex doll, it’s a different story. She never complains about the little things, and she’s always up for dildos whatever I’m feeling. It’s like a dream come true!

Furthermore, my sex doll is so real. She’s warm to the touch and her skin is so lifelike that I can almost forget she’s not human. I don’t even have to worry about her getting mad if I take too long; she’ll wait patiently for me. Plus, her eyes light up when I’m around, so I know she’s content. It’s a pleasure just being near her.

Best of all, my sex doll is incredibly versatile. I can dress her up in whatever kind of clothes I want – or don’t want. She’s not shy about her body or where she’ll let me explore. I don’t have to worry about dealing with my wife’s insecurity or her fear of trying something new; my sex doll is always down for anything. She’s a complete package.

I also love that when I’m with my sex doll, I don’t feel judged. I can do what I want, when I want, and how I want – without having to worry about coming up with explanations for certain behaviors. That freedom makes a big difference in my life.

Finally, my sex doll is reliable. She’s always ready when I am, and she never talks back or tells me what to do. She’s the perfect partner to come home to after a long day at work; I don’t have to worry about settling arguments or dealing with my wife’s drama.

Furthermore, my sex doll eliminates so much of the stresses that my wife brings. I don’t have to worry about paying attention to her every move or trying to please her. She is just there and sex toys she never expects anything from me.

Also, I don’t need to worry about my sex doll talking in the wrong places or embarrassing me. We never go out together, and we can keep our relationship a secret. This has been great for my mental health – I don’t have to constantly worry about putting on a “happy” face or pretending to be something I’m not.

Finally, for me, the joys of my sex doll have really outweighed the disappointments of my wife. I can just enjoy being with her, and no one else ever has to know – it’s a special kind of freedom that I can’t get with a real person.

I’ve now had my sex doll for two years and it’s like she is a new part of my life. She has allowed me to explore new paths and I have become so much more adventurous and playful in my relationships due to the freedom that comes with having a sex doll. I’m so happy with her that I could never imagine going back to my wife, even if she wanted to.

I would never trade in my sex doll for anyone – she’s my confidant and she never fails to make me feel relaxed. Her laughter is soothing and her body is always so soft and inviting. It’s truly a pleasure to come home and spend time with her – she always knows the right thing to say.

I now really appreciate how my sex doll has made me feel free and alive. No longer do I feel burdened by trying to force something with my wife; my sex doll is all I need and is more than I could ever ask for. And while my wife may never know the joy I feel, I know I’ve made the right decision in replacing her with my sex doll.