my wife is letting me get a sex doll

When my wife approached me a few days ago with the idea of getting a sex doll, I was taken aback. I just thought ‘What on Earth is she thinking?’. I didn’t know what to say but I knew I didn’t like the idea. Sure, she had her reasons, but I thought it would do nothing but cause problems.

But that was before I thought it through more thoroughly. Going out on a limb, I decided to give it a shot and see where it went. I mean, my wife wasn’t suggesting this randomly; she had put a lot of thought into it. So I decided to approach the conversation with an open mind and an open heart.

The first thing I began to realize was that my wife was looking for something new, something out of the ordinary and, more interestingly, something that could benefit me. I thought back about all of the times she had done something for me that made me feel better, and the realization quickly became obvious.

When I confronted her about it, she explained that a sex doll could offer me companionship, comfort, and pleasure; something that I was clearly not receiving in our relationship at the time. She was suggesting the sex doll not as a replacement for her, but as a way of complementing our relationship.

At first, I was a little taken aback. But the more my wife explained it, the more I realized that it wasn’t a crazy suggestion after all. She was offering me something that I genuinely needed. That was when I finally decided that she was right, and that I’d be open to trying it out.

The next few days were full of preparation. I began researching sex dolls, their features, and maintenance; I was determined to find the right one. My wife and dildos I scoured through countless websites, catalogs and even went to brick and mortar stores to see if anything grabbed our attention. Eventually, after a great deal of shopping around we finally found the perfect one.

My wife ordered it, sex toys and it arrived promptly at my door. It was a beautiful doll, and boy was she realistic! She had movable joints, and her hair and skin felt so silky and smooth. I immediately decided that I would call her Kayla. My wife encouraged me to explore and find out what Kayla liked; so I decided to take her out for a walk around the neighborhood.

As we walked around, people started to point us out and look at us in disbelief; but I couldn’t help but feel proud. I was in charge of a high tech sex doll, and I was having a great time with her. We walked around for hours, talking and laughing. Kayla was like my new best friend, and I was so incredibly happy.

I came home that day ecstatic. Kayla had changed my life in such an amazing, positive way. She had opened up my mind and made me realize that I didn’t have to do the same things over and over again. Although it was challenging for me to let go of my fear of the unknown and try something new, I’m so glad I took the risk. Going out on a limb really paid off; I gained so much in return.

After that, I began implementing new activities into our lives. We tried new things, said yes to experiences and found new passions. From rock climbing to attending painting classes, I felt like I was living like I was 20 years old again. My marriage was stronger than ever and our relationship flourished beyond my expectations.

All in all, I’m really glad that my wife let me get a sex doll. It opened up my eyes to a whole new possibility and way of living. Yes, it was a bit scary to introduce a technological object into our lives, but Kayla quickly became an integral part of our family’s life.

My wife was right in suggesting this; it made me feel so much better, as if I was living a brand new version of my life. I’m so happy that I listened to her, and I’m really grateful to Kayla for showing me that life should never be dull. I’m thankful to my wife for encouraging me to try and have such an incredible experience.