taxidermy sex.doll carcass

I remember it like it was yesterday, I was way too curious about the world of taxidermy and decided to explore a bit more. My friend had heard of a taxidermy sex doll carcass that was for sale. We decided, out of sheer curiosity, to go and take a look at it.

When we reached, it was like nothing I had ever seen before. The dead body was traumatically mutilated in the most alien-like of manner that I had ever seen in my life. The eyes, mouth, breast and abdomen cavity were filled with fake stuffing and wires. The fact that it almost looked human in shape made the sight all the more eerie. I was speechless.

My friend was undoubtedly scared and said, “Let’s get away from this place right away!” I agreed but was still not able to contain my curiosity. We left but got inspired on the way home. We started talking and brainstorming about what kind of art could be made with this carcass since it certainly was one of a kind.

We discussed various possibilities, including the idea of creating a one of kind showpiece, a statue, or something else. But in the end, we settled on the idea of creating a taxidermy sculpture. We decided to call it a ‘Taxidermy Sex Doll Carcass’. We instantly got excited and began planning the entire project, which included designing, sourcing, and piecing together the body parts.

We started the task of finding the right material for the stuffing and the wires. We also brainstormed on the different ways in which we could manipulate the deathly object to portray a beautiful sculpture. We noticed that when we studied the carcass on a deeper level, the way it was created almost seemed to be a metaphor for the death of traditional human relationships.

We then bought a few more supplies and materials, and then we started getting to work. We removed the stuffing from the mouth and eyes area, so that it becomes easier to give a more sculpted look. We used glue to attach the wires, and also used a few power tools to get the desired shape. Finally, we painted the head in a beautiful black glitter.

It took us longer than expected and at times it felt like there was no light at the end of tunnel. But in the end, we finally achieved what we had envisioned to create.

Now, talking of the project, I’m still amazed by the outcome and think to myself, ‘how did we actually succeed in crafting such beauty from a dead body?’ It was like creating a new life out of nothing.


The sculpture started to gain popularity and soon we were asked about it in interviews and conversations. We were amazed by the attention it was receiving from people, and were outstanded by their opinions of the sculpture. The idea of bringing a creature to life out of a dead body seemed to entice many people.

We started to realize the magnitude of our project and thought to market it in different cities. We went to various museums and Penis Rings spoke to many art connoisseurs who shaped our thought process concerning the sculpture. This helped us understand a lot more about the concept of taxidermy and its impact on people.

Some people considered it as a symbol of a broken human heart, while some related it to a certain void that still exist in many relationships. We felt that it was really crucial to give a voice to our work, to create something which could bring a message. We wanted it to become a part of the narrative, and started to look for ways to make this happen.

We toyed with the idea of producing a kind of short documentary which could be shown alongside the sculpture, as part of the exhibition. We wanted to tell the story of it’s creation, the struggles, the heartbreaks, the joy, and the successes which ultimately led us to finish the project.

We started working on the documentary and soon it took shape. After a few more days, the documentary was completed and ready to be shown alongside the sculptures in upcoming exhibitions.

We started to travel to different cities, showcasing the sculpture in art galleries and along with the documentary. We saw that people were drawn to the sculpture and the documentary because it helped them relate to the beauty within the demise of relationships.

The documentary was several people’s way of expressing the sentiment of leaving a failed relationship “behind”. We felt really proud of our work and the way it was connecting people from all walks of life.

We later decided to produce a few more sculptures to sell. We quickly got the necessary customer base and became successful. The sculpture was now being seen in many places, such as art galleries, museums, and even in music videos.

People started to connect to the sculpture on a more meaningful level. They started to talk about relationships and the idea of leave and letting go. It was like the sculpture was an embodiment of what many people were going through.

The idea of taking a dead body and using it as a symbol for the death of a romantic relationship seemed to resonate with people. It represented the idea of moving on, and gave people a sense of calmness.

To conclude, Penis Rings it was amazing to see how one project which started as an act of curiosity, transformed into a way to express thoughts and start meaningful conversations.