what adhesive to fix my silicone sex toy

What Adhesive to Fix My Silicone Sex Toy?

As if I need another thing broken in my bedroom. I already had a broken lamp; and now, of all the things that could break, my silicone sex toy had to be next. I was so frustrated because I’m on a really tight budget lately, and buying a new one wasn’t an option. That’s when I decided to see if I could fix it, Penis Rings and that’s exactly when the classic, “What adhesive to fix my silicone sex toy?” was born.

First, I had to figure out exactly what the issue was. It looked like the insertable part of the toy was cracked near the base. Since the toy is made of silicone, I knew I would need to fix just the outside part and not the insertable part. After some research, I realized that super glue would be the best option.

I was so relieved that I didn’t have to buy a whole new toy. I took a tiny rubber glove and unscrewed the cap on the tube of super glue. As soon as I touched the tip of the nozzle to the crack, I could see it seal up. Sure, it was ugly, but at least it was fixed – and kind of in an adorable way.

Frantically, I ran my finger along the length of the crack to be sure it had sealed properly. I knew I was in luck when there was no give or movement beneath my fingertip. Now, Penis Rings this little toy that I was sure was doomed was looking better than before the accident.

To make sure the tubing of super glue would hold up to the occasional abuse, I sprayed the area with an all-purpose sealer. As I looked closely at the area I realized something – this would actually be a good place for some decorative glitter to help hide the repair line. Instant makeover!

As I was looking around for something sparkly to distract from the newly repaired area, I decided to ask my friend what she thought. “I think it looks great!” she said. “Sometimes the most creative additions come from the most accidental situations.” She was right; I just hoped that the glue and sealer combination would keep everything in place.

I was back to enjoying the toy as I had before the accident. I made a mental note to be mindful of how I store it and how I use it to make sure this didn’t happen again. I had been so excited that I had found a solution on my own and severely limiting my budget. But, after a few rounds of playing around with it, the repair held up.

My repair experience made me even more mindful of using silicone toys and materials. Knowing the best glues to use and what not to do with them was beneficial information. Plus, since I had to fix the toy first, it made me more mindful of it the second time around – I was sure to be more careful of where I stored it and how I handled it in general.

Now that I had my silicone toy back in fighting shape, I was surprised to see just how confident and adventurous I was feeling. Having to fix something made me realize I could fix anything that got broken – even something as insignificant as this. That was when I decided to try different areas of my life – it was as if I had created my own symbol of resilience.

Having a silicone sex toy was one thing, but fixing it was another. Sure, it wasn’t the original toy, but it was definitely better than when I first got it. It was crazy to think about how something that started out as a frustration turned into a symbol of empowerment and confidence. Who knew?