what are tracy’s dog dildos made of

My best friend Tracy has recently forayed into the world of pet accessories, more specifically dog dildos! Initially, I was a bit surprised as to why she would start making such an unusual product, but Tracy is the type of person to take the road less traveled. So after a bit of inquiry, I discovered that the dildo was made from a material that was safe for pets to interact with.

The material is known as silicone, and it is incredibly soft and pliable. It is also non-allergenic and acts as a great insulator, keeping the temperature of the toy in check. Plus, since silicone is so durable, it is resistant to punctures, scratches and sex dolls doesn’t fray or tear easily. All of these features make it the perfect material for a toy that a pet can safely play with.

To top it off, Tracy has gone the extra mile and included a built-in vibration that adds a different dimension to playtime. It operates with a remote control that is specifically designed for the dildo and can provide a variety of speeds and pulsations to keep a pet engaged and curious. Even more, its water-resistant feature means that a pup isn’t limited to one place when having fun.

That’s not all, my friend has also added an extra layer of safety to the toy. It is coated with an anti-bacterial material, which means that a pet is safe from any kind of skin disorder. Plus, the smell of a pup’s dildo won’t overpower the home since it has a muted scent.

Are these dildos going to be a success? Well Tracy sure thinks so. She is confident in the product she has created, and can’t wait to show it off to the world. I can’t say for sure, but I’m sure it will be a hit with pet owners.

The dildo is now available in different sizes, each suited for a different type of pet. The smaller sizes have gentle curves and bumps, ideal for puppies and kittens, while the bigger ones are specially designed for larger breeds. What’s more, the toys also come with a variety of textures, ranging from smooth silky surfaces to an almost velvet-like finish.

To make sure that Tracy’s products also meet the preferences of pet owners, she has added a handful of customizable features. Buyers can choose to get the toy in their preferred color, as well as add unique accents and decorations of their own.

Tracy is also offering a specially designed harness for her dildo. The harness helps to keep the pet entertained, while providing owners with more control over their pup’s playtime. It is made from durable material that is comfortable for dogs, and comes with adjustable straps so it can fit any size of pup.

As my friend continues on her journey into the world of pet accessories, I can’t help but be amazed at the creativity she has put into her creations. Tracy’s Dog Dildos have certainly raised the bar for pet products and are truly one of a kind.