where to buy sex toys in pensacola fl

When in Pensacola, the city of Five Flags, I always love to go shopping for unique and interesting items. One of my passions is perusing all the local stores for interesting and unusual gifts, particularly sex toys. So, if you’re looking to spice up your bedroom or just curious about what’s out there, Pensacola has it all! Here’s my rundown on where to buy sex toys in Pensacola FL.

For those of a more daring nature, The Adult Toy Shoppe is for you! This one-stop shop has something for everyone – from beginner to professional. They have a wide selection of all sorts of sex toys from vibrators to bondage gear. They even have a section dedicated to sexual health and wellness products, which I like to take advantage of! Customer service is excellent and prices are quite reasonable.

Best vibrator 2019: feel the buzz with the best vibrators you can buy | T3If you’re a little more on the discreet side and prefer to buy sex toys online, then head over to Lovehoney. The website is incredibly user friendly and offers a huge variety of sex toys for all tastes. Lovehoney also has helpful reviews and Penis Rings guides for all sorts of fun activities. You can purchase everything from lube to lubricants and even special sex toys for men and women.

When I’m looking for something special, Sultry in the City is my go-to. Not only do they have a great selection of sex toys, they also throw in-store events and workshops for those interested in exploring their own sexuality. They really know their stuff! Plus, this hidden gem in Downtown Pensacola has one of the best adult sections in the city.

At times, I do feel like I need to get out of the city and look for something new and exciting. Luckily, Rosewood is just a fifteen minute drive outside of town – it’s a great adult store with a great atmosphere. They recently opened up a new section of pleasure products and sex toys too. The shelves are jam-packed with all sorts of goodies, and I love the knowledgeable staff that’s always willing to answer any questions about what product might work best for me.

For a more conservative (and not so sexy) shopping experience, there’s always the local pharmacy for those everyday pleasure items. Pharmacies are a great go-to for condoms, lubricants and massage oils, and do not forget about wipes- they have them too! They also tend to have a wide selection of pocket rockets that are perfect for those on-the-go desires.

Finally, there’s always Amazon! The world’s biggest online store has a sex toys section and you can find just about anything. Prices can be more expensive than in other stores, but the convenience of having something shipped right to your front door often seals the deal.

So there you have it! Whether you’re totally new to sex toys or an experienced user, Pensacola offers a variety of places where you can make your purchases. With a bit of research and a little bit of courage, you’ll be able to find the perfect sex toy for your needs. Now go explore and have fun!