I’m considering getting a sex toy, I’m just not sure which one is right for me! Everyone tells me different things. Some people say that a vibrator is the way to go, others recommend a couple of kegel balls, and some even insist on a serviceable dildo. This is all well and good, but I’m not totally sure what the differences are or what I should be looking for.

I recently had a chat with a friend of mine about it. She told me to take my time and do some research before making a purchase. Which makes a lot of sense, because I want to find my perfect sex toy, not just any sex toy. My friend recommended to me that I consider my sensitivity levels because each toy is good for different levels of sensation.

Another thing that needs to be taken into account is whether I want it to be rechargeable, battery operated or have other functions. Do I need it to have multiple speeds or vibration patterns? It’s so many questions that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But to really figure out what’s best for me I need to ask myself some questions.

Do I want something soft and smooth or Penis Rings firm and textured? What materials are available? Is there a need for remote control or a specific design that fits into my body better? Does the shape think to the purpose? I’ve heard that some sex toys have special hilts that facilitate insertion and keep the toy from going too deep. Is that something I should look for?

When it comes to the kegel balls, I’ve heard a lot about using them and the benefits of adding them to my regimen. But I’m interested to know more about their functions. So, how heavy should they be for me to start with? Are they made from body-safe materials? Are any of them compatible with lubricants? What kind of sensations should I expect from using them?

I guess these are the questions that I need to answer in order to figure out which sex toy is right for me. Of course, the most important question of them all is: will it make me feel good? I suppose the only way to find out is to gather information and dive into the world of sex toys. Wish me luck!